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Fire Sprinkler

Fire sprinklers have been in use across the United States since 1874, and they are engineered with your life safety as a top priority. Studies show fire sprinklers present lowered civilian death rates by 87% and average firefighter injury rates by 67%.

Fire Hydrant

Fire hydrants have been in use in the US since the 1800's. Prior to the hydrants, fire brigades utilized a different system which demanded firefighters to stand in line and pass down a water bucket from the source of water all the way to the fire. Today there are two basic types of fire hydrants: Wet Barrel systems and Dry barrel systems.

Fire Pump

In the United States, motorized fire engines came around the early 1900's replacing horses (horse power). Today the modern fire pump and apparatus have been modernized through several technological advances. Today, Modern Fire pumps achieve effective water pressures in a sprinkler system without the need for human effort.