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What are Emergency and Exit Lights?

When an emergency or power outage affects your business, it is essential to have reliable emergency lights and clearly marked exits. Emergency lighting and exit signs are among the most important safety devices in commercial buildings. They are designed to help protect employees and customers by lighting the way toward a safe exit in the event of a fire or other emergency.

While it’s easy to see the importance of emergency lighting systems, it’s just as important to understand the installation, testing, and maintenance requirements set forth by national and local authorities to ensure all emergency and exit lights are continually in working order.

Why is Emergency Exit Lighting Important?

Emergency lighting systems help occupants navigate and safely exit the building in a fire or security-related emergency. Emergency lights, exit signs, and panic doors are safety devices that are just as important as fire alarm systems. While the latter communicates a crisis, emergency pathway lights and exits work together to ensure building occupants evacuate safely.

Beyond helping occupants exit safely, emergency exit lighting is required by law for all non-domestic buildings. Let’s briefly review the regulatory requirements for emergency lighting to help you avoid fire protection code violations.

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Emergency Lighting Regulatory Requirements

What are the Regulatory Requirements for Emergency Lighting?

According to NFPA Life Safety Code 101, all commercial buildings must have emergency and exit path lighting. NFPA 101 is updated every three years to ensure new and existing facilities offer the best protection from fire and other related hazards for occupants.

Since not all jurisdictions accept all the requirements established in each updated code, you should check the rules and regulations set by your local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) to ensure regulatory compliance.

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