Fire Pumps in Southern & Northern CA

Advancements and Requirements for Fire Sprinkler Systems

In the United States, motorized fire engines came around the early 1900’s replacing horses (horse power). Today the modern fire pump and apparatus have been modernized through several technological advances. Modern Fire pumps achieve effective water pressures in a sprinkler system without the need for human effort. Today, pump requirements are outlined in the NFPA 1901 Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus. There are two main types of modern fire pump engines, Diesel and Electric.

Why do some fire sprinkler systems have fire pumps, and others do not? Answer: Each fire sprinkler system is unique to its environment. Depending on square footage, layout, occupancy, and other physical factors down to the city’s water pressure, a fire engineer will calculate the system demand and determine if your fire sprinkler system needs a pump to get water from one end of the system, to the other. This ultimately will be approved by your local Fire Department prior to installation.

Fire Pump Testing, Inspection, and Retro-Fit Installations.

Diesel Engine Fire Pump Testing and Inspection Requirements:

Electric Motor Fire Pump Testing and Inspection Requirements:

Retro-Fit Installations:

Has your Fire Pump stopped working? We can upgrade your existing fire pump apparatus to meet today’s standards and regulations.
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